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 In 2006 in rural Warrenton, Georgia Roosevelt Jones Jr. had a vision of spreading the Gospel through songs.  His foresight led to the founding of recording artist Roosevelt Jones & Determined.   Over the years the group has traveled throughout the southeast region of the United States and currently consists of family: 3 brothers, a sister, and 2 sisters-in-law.  Roosevelt Jones Jr. is the lead singer, minister, musician, songwriter, and producer.  Matthias Jones contributes as background vocalist, drummer, music arranger, beat creator, treasurer, educator with middle school math emphasis, and an accountant.  Zelda Jones serves as background vocalist, pianist/keyboardist, music arranger, songwriter, and educator specializing in mathematics.  Anthony Jones functions as background vocalist, educator with emphasis in early childhood and special education, and the Associate Pastor of House of God, House of Prayer, Inc., the church where all of the group members attend.  Andreanna Jones is background vocalist, secretary, and educator with a specialist in leadership and science.  Raquel Jones is a background vocalist, wardrobe coordinator, public relations designee, and educator with history and English emphasis. As you can see, we strongly promote Christianity, unity, and education.


The Lord allowed us to record a CD entitled “Give It Up,” a blessing within itself.  This same CD made the top twenty charts in 2007 on Gloryland Gospel but remains to be heard in all parts of the United States.  We’ve just released our two songs single entitled “Still Here” with plans of completing a full CD in the near future.  It is our prayer that these projects open doors for us to minister to people throughout the world.  Our mission is to move from gospel recording artists/per

formers and become a renowned Christian-based organization devoted to changing lives and saving souls through music, education, and ministry.


We know that faith without works is dead; therefore, it is our desire to establish a recording and distribution company called Bishop Records and a booking agency, RAZAM Entertainment.  This company will allow us to maintain all rights to our music, booking, and worldwide distribution as well as work with artists that are musically inclined, have great work ethics, and have a love for Christ. Furthermore, artists selected can expect the following from Bishop Records:  full production of their music, customized artwork packaging, professional band, producers, and background vocalists, state-of-the-art recording equipment, nationwide distribution, a personal marketing representative to schedule and promote events, EPK creation, and more.  Faith in God has brought Roosevelt Jones & Determined thus far, but just like the prayer of Jabez, we are asking God to continue to enlarge our territory.