We represent Christian artists from motivational speakers and rappers to singers and comedians. Read more about our artists below, and contact W.G. Ministries to learn even more about the various talented Christians we provide Churches and crowds on regular basis.


About W.G. Ministries  (WZG Entertainment)

   W.G. Ministries also known as WZG Entertainment is led by a team with over twenty years of experience in marketing, advertising and promotions. Our leadership is made up of Christian artists, preachers, and entrepreneurs who strive to see others succeed in their mission while fulfilling their God purpose for them. By providing Christian artists an outlet, we help them achieve their full potential and purpose. W.G. Ministries connects Christian artists from singers, rappers, comedians and motivational speakers with churches and crowds in Georgia and throughout the United States. Our goal is to be a worldwide force for spreading the word of God through our motivational speaking, music, comedy and more.







Gospel & Christian Music Management - manage and advise artist,


New Artist Development - Consulting with new artist to take their music to the next level.


Booking Agent - Negotiate with Artist customers to maximize booking


Song Analysis Testing - we analyze your music to see if it's market ready before it's mastered ,and then give a report of changes that our team suggest.


Marketing Management - marketing advertisement on social media, website and other music marketing strategy.


Radio Airplay & Campaign Services - Getting your music played on many AM/FM stations and online radio.


Branding Promotion - All artist must build a brand to stand out we're here tp help you stand out.


Graphic Designs - business cards, cd design covers, social media advertising flyers, artist banners, etc.


Video Consultant - we help you put together the best video that your followers will enjoy, we also do video shoot from beginning to end.


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